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Retail & Trading

You own a business of retails and trading and want to manage it in some unique way. OpenApps is here for you. We deal with every possible solution for business regarding retails and trading. The systems developed by our highly experienced developers are very flexible that meet your all needs. Our designed system will manage your issues in a time manner. The retail and trading system designed by us is very effective and efficient. We have developed our retail and grading software solution to cover the Omni Channel trading environment globally without facing any difficulty.

The software solution that we have specially developed for supply chain very well supports all the retail and trading activities. The system is developed in such a manner that it will fulfil all the customer needs nevertheless of geographical location, time of day or desired shopping touch point. You can easily and efficiently run your business by strategies and scheme, retrieving the correct information in the real time to identify apprehensions early.

We are not just confined to serve retail and trading industry we also serve various industries like banks, brokers, hedge funds and as well as professional traders with our specially developed solutions. Our system are designed and developed in such a manner that they provide them a best way of managing and expanding .

OpenApps customizes its solutions for the sector by focusing on expanding customer reach and promoting brand loyalty. Our channels extend to all major customer touch points and forums including online mediums so that customers receive high-quality customer care services and huge brand experiences.

Solutions for Retail And Trading Industry


  • Customer Care

  • Online Support

  • Complaint Resolution/p>

  • Returns Processing

  • Brand Activation

  • Order Processing

  • Telemarketing

Goods Manufacturers

  • Information ‘Hotlines’

  • Product Promotions

  • Telemarketing

  • Door-to-Door Sales

  • Consumer Surveys

  • Inventory Management

  • General Inquiries