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Do you feel discouraged while overseeing stock all alone? Do you need your Stock to be overseen super-proficiently? Obviously, Yes! Notwithstanding, on the off chance that we consider, current conditions there is no uncertainty that innovation is succeeding. These days, in organizations overseeing stock are a substantial undertaking, so to be beneficial subsequently; putting resources into stock administration programming is consistently a temperate thought. Truth is told, right now, these frameworks have become a fundamental piece of any of the organizations those are significant to remain prudent and believe in overseeing improved arrangement of stock by methods for a mechanized and efficient procedure.

OpenApps is a significant programming organization known by our best quality work with 100% proficiency. We have been serving across the country with our best built up programming's by our very much prepared and Expert designers. We have now evolved stock administration programming -OpenInvento that will take care of your stock related issues in an extremely viable manner.

Organizations are fit for altering and rebuilding the work-stream with stock administration programming -OpenInvento that comes stuffed with endless functionalities and highlights to upgrade capability, security just as cost-viability. By actualizing this framework, you can get help with various methods, as it besides makes the board immensely simple, by tending to shortcomings (assuming any), rebuilding work, proficiently maintaining the business, getting fast and exact reports at whatever time essential, bolsters in Unified information stockpiling with security and the most extreme significant one, Consumer loyalty.

What Open Invento Is? How It Will Assist You?

OpenInvento is really inventory management software uniquely worked to make your business stock related tasks simple. OpenInvento is an inventory management solution that will reduce your operational expenses in a compelling manner. We at OpenApps continually bring programming that will give you straightforwardness and lower your endeavours. Presently, what it will do? It will produce a total report on month to month premise. It will have full record of your business, buy, clients, created receipt, etc. It will show you the graphical portrayal of your advancement on month to month premise. You can without much of a stretch include items, include clients, can make POS (Retail location) receipt. You can without much of a stretch check deals report, buy report, stock report just as record rundown. You can undoubtedly deal with your business solicitations, deals records, etc.

Advantages of Open Invento

Its undeniable software of each sort has its compensations. There’s no product which is futile or doesn’t furnish you with any advantage, regardless of whether little or pretty much! Be that as it may, it’s definitely useful to you. Similarly inventory management software (OpenInvento) additionally gives a few advantages and these are as per the following

  • Manage stock no problem at all
  • Manage stockroom stock successfully
  • Automated stock in and out
  • Minimize blunders and spare time
  • Cost compelling and quick framework
  • Easy to oversee and Spares times
  • Improve Consumer loyalty
  • Easy Revealing and installments got quicker
  • Improved stream of stock
  • Efficiency and adequacy
  • User-Accommodating and precision
  • Maximise net revenues with lower support

Features of Open Invento

If there should be an occurrence of inventory management software, the developing organization wants for it to be minding boggling and vigorous. Like, it ought to have the option to follow inventory, create a few reports, oversee stock stream, and oversee complex item settlings continuously, monitor complete administering information and significantly more. It includes many fundamentals highlights.

  • It is useful in expanding efficiency and resultantly productivity
  • It is adaptable programming that might be hand crafted as indicated by your necessities
  • There are wide-going modules made safeguarding as a primary concern the entirety of the prerequisites, with a different login for business executives and representatives
  • It offers Brilliant Client the board with the help of relegating uncommon benefits to one of a kind client. It is likewise ready to physically set parameters for outstanding clients
  • With it being incorporated with Standardized identification Scanner, its miles ready to record subtleties effectively and thus quicken the deal strategy
  • There are some of valuable capacities accessible in the machine alongside Expiry Date Alert and Least Stock Alarm
  • Expeditiously and rapidly the product offers the assessment and records about the business, which is useful in better dynamic
  • It gives an Incorporated Information Storeroom just as Simple and Intelligent recovery of information
  • The product is solid and secure as at some phase in the advancement of the gadget, the entireties of the essential dangers were mulled over and every single preventive measure likewise is dealt with
  • It flaunts basic, easy to use and proficient UI structure, as all the key components are dealt with all through the planning of the framework


  • Products
    • List
    • Add
    • Import Products
  • Purchase
    • Purchase
    • Purchase Return
  • Transfers
    • List
    • Add
  • Expenses
    • List
    • Add
  • Sales
    • Sales
    • Sales Return
  • Reports
    • Daily
  • People
    • Users
    • Billers
    • Customers
    • Suppliers

Final Verdict

Eventually, with the assistance of the correct framework, you will have the option to settle on better business choices and it gives you an edge in the vault of business. Truth is told, by including a monetary model will likewise help in assessing the budgetary effect of inventory management software on your business. In this way, feel free to pick the master OpenApps retail inventory management software -OpenInvento to get the best outcomes.


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