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Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas industries are one of the most succeeding industries. As these are vast industries so there work will also be so hectic to manage for this purpose a proper system is required for the management. Without any proper system to handle such vast industries is not an easy task. OpenApps, is known to be the most favourable and durable software company for providing best solutions for your problems. OpenApps has provided you with the best user friendly and spontaneous oil and gas accounting solution that will help them manage all the accounts details easily. The whole system process will be managed accurately. There are many software companies who have developed system for oil and gas industry to manage their industry work easily. The first and foremost company that has provided user friendly, well organized and fully functional oil and gas accounting system is OpenApps. With no doubt the system provided by has all the features one oil and gas company would ever ask for. OpenApps has a vast experience in the field of developing software. We will also guide you properly about how to use our system and will give you maintenance free of cost. The system provided by OpenApps will be very cost effective and will solve all your problems.

Benefits of Oil & Gas System

OpenApps is dedicated to providing petroleum suppliers with the tools they prerequisite to encounter the exclusive challenges of the petroleum industry, such as:

  • Integration with suppliers – including Shell Oil, and Valvoline

  • Support for delivery scheduler routines

  • Extensive reporting, including gallons display and loan equipment tracking

  • Hazmat Tracking

  • Fleets Management

  • Support for drum deposits and harmonized items

  • And many more!

OpenApps features functionally rich ERP solutions designed particularly for distributors. Features include sales and order management, financial management, purchasing and inventory management, customer relationship management, business reporting and analysis, pricing, warehouse automation, e-business, and much more.