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Manufacturing is the production of products for use or sale with the assistance of labour and machines, tools, chemical or natural processing or formulation and is the spirit of the subordinate industry. The term might state to a variety of human activity from handy work to high tech but is most usually pragmatic to manufacturing enterprise, in which raw materials from primary industry are distorted into finished goods on a large scale. The manufacturing industry that wants to manage their workflow easily and wants to do the entire task in a timely manner they need to have some system in their industries that will help them.

If you are planning to manage your resources effectively and efficiently in your manufacturing industry it is seriously a tough task. Nowadays it is very challenging to manage your production. For this purpose, OpenApps bring you comprehensive and fully functional solutions for manufacturing units. The system that you will implement in your manufacturing industry will control and monitor productivity with real-time reports and visualize the output of your resources. You can track maintenance and create custom dashboards to monitor resources with their performance in real-time.

Our provided solution will surely be helpful in producing dynamic reports for different sections from delivery to costing as well as production. It will also analyze your performance which will make your decisions smarter about your business. It will give you huge success in your business.

Benefits of Manufacturing System

  • Reduced manufacturing cost

  • Increased labour productivity

  • Increased machine efficiency

  • Improved product quality

  • Increased system reliability

  • Reduced parts inventory

  • Shorter lead times

  • Increased production rate

  • Track your Time

  • Integrate Quality Checks

  • View In Process Alerts

  • Keep Record Serial Number

  • Display Worksheets

  • Manage Supply Chain