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A programming language is our technique of collaborating with software. The people who use programming languages are called programmers or developers. The things we tell software by means of a programming language could be to create a webpage guise a definite manner, or to create an object on the page move if the human operator proceeds with a definite action.

What is HTML And How it Works?

“HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language that means it is a Markup language for describing web documents (web pages).” Here “Markup language” means that, rather than using a programming language if you want to perform functions, HTML uses tags to categorize altered categories of content and the resolutions they each help to the webpage.

In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee devised the Web with HTML as its dissemination language. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) was generated for the assistance of programmers labelling the content on a website like ; . HTML uses tags to relief you to add some long or short paragraphs, headers, images, bullets and other pieces of structure. As you would write something on a word document, HTML provides you services that you write something on a website.

HTML is the core of every web page, regardless the complexity of a site or number of technologies involved. It’s an essential skill for any web professional. HTML provides the basic structure of the sites. HTML code guarantees the appropriate structuring of text and images so that your Internet browser might present them as they are proposed to look. Devoid of HTML, a browser would not recognize how to demonstrate text as elements or load images or other elements. It is mainly use to make static and dynamic websites.

HTML5 is the apprise made to HTML from HTML4. It uses the similar elementary instructions as HTML4, but adds some new tags and attributes which permits for improved semantics and for dynamic elements that are activated using JavaScript.

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What is CSS and How it Works?

CSS stands for cascading style sheet. You can say it is the main component for any website. CSS designates in what manner HTML elements are to be displayed on screen, paper, or in other media.” CSS was first proposed by Hakom Lie and co-created by Bert Bos around 1996. Formed to compliment HTML, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is what makes a website look and feel amazing.

Performance and comfort of usage have been some of the qualities CSS has brought to web development. It is further involved with exchanging a websites style relatively than its content. It is just like changing the font size, font color and positioning on a word document. CSS is responsible for the technique the content looks on a page and what else goes on it to compliment that content. There are 3 types of CSS:

  • Inline CSS
  • Internal CSS
  • External CSS

How HTML and CSS Helpful In the Field Of Web Development

HTML and CSS plays an important role in the field of Web Development without these two languages we can’t design our website. HTML/CSS has many benefits in the field of Web Development.

  • HTML5 isn’t a proprietary code
  • It provides audio and video support
  • The coding with HTML5 is flawless and reliable
  • There is additional uniformity with websites because of HTML5
  • It offers search engine optimization benefits
  • Easier to maintain and update
  • Greater consistency in design
  • More formatting options
  • Lightweight code
  • Faster download times
  • Ease of presenting diverse styles to altered viewers
  • Greater accessibility

These are the combined advantages of HTML and CSS

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