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Cross Platform Games

The interaction with a user interface for generating feedback visually on display devices (such as virtual reality headsets, TV screen, touchscreen, etc.) which can be both two dimensional as well as three dimensional, involved in an electronic game is referred as gaming. Nowadays everyone is fond of games. Everyone is busy with their mobile devices, personal computers, Xbox, Nintendo and so on gaming devices. Everyday new to new games are developing and are getting a great fame among gamers. So, if you want to develop any cross platform games OpenApps is here for you. We will surely develop cross platform games. Our well talented and experienced developers will develop game for you as per your requirements and you will never regret for choosing us for your gaming zone.

What is Cross-Platform Gaming?

Platforms are referred to as those electronic systems which are used for gaming. Cross platform gaming can let gamers or players from around the globe play and share a common online server in a game. It enables all the players to register in the same game and utilize the server for playing games together. It doesn’t depend on the platform that they own. Since the Dreamcast and PlayStation 2, there have been online video games that support cross-platform gaming.

Benefits of Cross-Platform Gaming

Code once and publish everywhere:

The cross-platform developers can write up a code once and then they can publish the game on all platforms (such as Android, iOS, steam, etc.). This saves a lot of time and efforts of the developers and also minimizes expenses.


The cross-platform gaming has a consistent experience, design and feels in every device.


The games can be immediately synced in all devices and platforms in case of updating.


Creating a game using cross gaming platforms is more effective than developing any native games for platforms like iOS and Android. Customizing a single code base for different platforms is much easier and more beneficial for any game development company.

Low maintenance and development cost:

Since a common code base for different platforms is used, it does not have to spend a lot of money on the maintenance cost.

Greater reach:

It allows players worldwide to play on a single platform. The companies that create games tend to develop more such games. It targets more such platforms to have a greater reach among the clients.


We know that as compared to the native game in iOS and Androids, the cross-platform games are better performance-wise, but the cross-platform games can adjust adequately with the systems and can run seamlessly.

If you are fond of games and want various varieties of games then please contact us. OpenApps will surely develop interesting fully engaging well featured games for you.