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The current banking industry is a linkage of financial institutions certified by the government to supply banking services. The major services offered narrate to keeping, transmitting, prolonging credit in contradiction of, or handling the hazards related with allotment numerous procedures of prosperity. The detailed package of pecuniary services accessible at any assumed period has varied significantly transversely organizations, across time, and across jurisdictions, evolving in step with changes in the regulation of the industry, the development of the economy, and advances in information and communications technologies.

The financial services industries are facing complexity due to the continued disorder in financial markets. An invigorated focus on modified banking and recommended services is obligatory in these unpredictable market conditions. The institutions those are providing financial feasibility to their customers while managing their costs and adjusting to fluctuating customer anticipations will arise as the clear winners in their markets.

OpenApps Solutions those are specially build to satisfy their customer’s needs offerings for the financial services industry are managed by tenured industry experts. Our programs are designed in such manner so that it will help you to increase valuable relationships and to reward customer’s trust. The range of solutions is designed to provide domain-specific capabilities for multiple financial services verticals;

Corporate Banking

  • Working Capital Finance

  • Corporate loans

  • Term Loans

  • Bill Finance

  • Export/ Import Finance

  • Buyers’/ Suppliers’ Credit

  • Letter of Credit

  • Bank Guarantee

  • Bills discounted under domestic letters of credit

  • Cash Management

  • Treasury Products

  • Current Account

  • Salary/Payroll Account

  • Trade Finance

Credit Cards

  • Account Activation

  • Fraud Detection

  • Appointment Setting

  • Billing Inquiries

  • Loyalty Programs

  • Customer Win-back

  • Lead Generation

Retail Banking

Retail banking which is also known to be the consumer banking. Retail banking is a sort of banking which is enclosed specifically for individual consumers.

  • Account Activation

  • Credit

  • Debit

  • Money Management

  • Auto Loan

  • Student Loan

  • Account Management

  • Phone-Banking Support

  • Recovery Management

  • Branch Locator

  • Product Support