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AR Apps

As you all are well aware of it’s an era of technology and every small thing is based on technology. A small example is of mobile phone everyone has mobile phone in their hands. Some have android and some have IPhone. For them there are some Apps as well a dummy phone without having some interesting and useful apps is just useless. So, OpenApps are bringing you with the best of their Mobile Apps Development services. If you want to have some kind of app for your business OpenApps are always here for you. Here we are explaining our Augmented Reality Apps (AR Apps). Stays tuned with us and learn about AR Apps what they are and how they work.

What are AR apps and how do they work?

An augmented reality app is a software app that joins information that can be audio or visuals into real world environment. Basically AR apps can be used in healthcare, public service and marketing industries for work and training purposes. Augmented reality applications are programmed in special 3d programs that allows developers to program animations and contextual digital information in computer design to augment reality “Special attribute” or “marker” in this real world. When a device’s AR app receives digital content from a special marker, then it begins to further execute the code and layer the images.

AR applications for devices like smartphones, PC tablets generally include global positioning system (GPS) to point user’s location and to detect device orientation. Smart AR programs used by military for training includes object recognition, gesture recognition and machine vision technologies.

Augmented reality apps come in two distinct forms:

Location-based AR apps

Location-based AR applications utilize the distinct qualities of mobile devices to monitor position of the specific device, enabling AR app to give out contextual data of specific location of an individual device. Comparing terms of real world application, AR apps enables location-sensitive functionality. For example by AR application we can locate a vehicle in a public car park.

Marker-based AR apps

Marker based AR apps operate by allowing the software to point particular patterns through device camera e.g. a QR code subsequently covering the digital information over the real-world environment. This means when the device user points out their smartphone at a specific object, you can observe a virtual UI on top. Secondly, if the image is animated or 3D, the digital overlay sits on top of the recognized pattern. These developing technologies offer massive prospective to software development managers and marketers seeking to extend their existing mobile app offering.

Features of AR Apps

  • Image tracking
  • Face tracking
  • Object tracking
  • Marker
  • Marker less
  • Body tracking
  • Handing tracking
  • 3d depth sensing

Benefits of AR Apps

  • Improved information
  • Easy visualization
  • Unique User Experiences
  • Improve Brand Awareness and Image
  • Competitive Differentiation

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