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It is safe to say that you are making an arrangement for setting up another pharma store? Or then again you want to remodel your current pharma store? In any case, on the off chance that we consider, current conditions there is no uncertainty that innovation is flourishing and the medical sector is a fundamental segment in a region, to raise this division. Thus, putting resources into retail pharmacy management store is consistently an idealistic thought. Actually, right now, these frameworks have become a fundamental piece of any of the pharma stores that are significant to remain conservative and believe in providing improved thought to the customers by methods for a modernized and efficient procedure.

OpenApps is a significant software development organization known by our best quality work with 100% proficiency. We have been serving across the nation with our best-created software by our very much prepared and experienced designers and developers. We have now developed retail pharmacy management software -OpenPharma that will take care of your pharma store in regards to an issue in an exceptionally compelling manner.

Pharma store are fit for altering and rebuilding the work-stream with retail pharmacy management software (Open Pharma) that comes compelled with countless functionalities and highlights to upgrade capability, security just as cost-adequacy. By executing this software, you can get help with various methods, as it besides makes the management massively simple, by tending to shortcomings (assuming any), rebuilding work, effectively running the pharmacy store, bringing quick and precise reports at whatever time essential, strengthens in Combined information stockpiling with security and the most extreme significant one, Consumer loyalty.

What OpenPharma Is? How OpenPharma Help You?

OpenPharma is basically pharmacy management software extraordinarily worked to make your pharmacy store related tasks simple. OpenPharma is a pharmacy store management system that will reduce your operational expenses in a viable manner. We at OpenApps continually bring software that will give you simplicity and lower your endeavours. Presently, what it will do? It will produce a total report on regular schedule. It will have full record of your business, buy, clients, all out medications, created receipt, etc. It will show you the graphical portrayal of your advancement on month to month premise. You can without much of a stretch include meds, include clients, can make new bill, can make POS (Retail location) receipt. You can without much of a stretch check deals report, buy report, stock report just as record outline. You can without much of a stretch deal with your business solicitations, deals records, medications records, etc.

Advantages of OpenPharma

Its undeniable software of each sort has its compensations. There is no product who isn’t giving any advantage to you. Regardless of whether pretty much yet it’s clearly useful to you. Similarly, retail pharmacy management software(OpenPharma) likewise gives a few advantages and these are as per the following:

  • Oversee medication stock no problem at all
  • Screen Expiry date with alarms
  • Computerized stock in and out
  • Limit blunders and spare time
  • Financially savvy and quick
  • Simple to oversee
  • Spares times
  • Improve Consumer loyalty
  • Simple Revealing
  • Improved Work process
  • Productivity
  • Easy to understand input and review of patient, medication and solution data
  • Exactness and Security
  • Computerized claims preparing
  • Stock Administration

Highlights of OpenPharma

If there should arise an occurrence of pharmacy management software, the producing organization wants for it to be multifaceted and overwhelming. Like, it ought to have the option to follow stock, create a few reports, oversee work process, and oversee complex charging arbitrations continuously, monitor far reaching apportioning information and significantly more. It includes many basics highlights.

  • The low worth of ownership
  • It is useful in expanding efficiency and resultantly productivity
  • It is an adaptable programming that might be hand crafted by your prerequisites
  • There are wide-going modules made safeguarding as a main priority the entirety of the necessities, with a different login for drug store managers and workers
  • It offers Brilliant Client the executives with the help of allocating exceptional benefits to one of a kind client. It is likewise ready to physically set parameters for uncommon clients
  • With it being incorporated with Standardized tag Scanner, its miles ready to document subtleties effectively and thusly quicken the deal methodology
  • There are a portion of the valuable capacities accessible in the machine alongside the Expiry Date Alert and Least Stock Alarm
  • Instantly and rapidly the product offers the assessment and records about the business, which is useful in better dynamic
  • It gives a Unified Information Storeroom just as Simple and Intuitive recovery of information
  • The product is solid and secure as at some phase in the advancement of the gadget, the entirety of the essential dangers was mulled over and every single preventive measure likewise is dealt with
  • It flaunts straightforward, easy to understand and proficient UI structure, as all the key components is dealt with all through the planning of the framework


  • Sales
    • New Sales
    • Manage Sales
    • Manage Returns
  • Medicine
    • Add Category
    • Manage Category
    • Add Medicine
    • Manage Medicine
    • Stock Report
    • Expiry Medicine
  • Customer
    • Add Customer
    • Mange Customer
    • Credit Customer
    • Paid Customer
  • Supplier
    • Add Supplier
    • Manage Supplier
  • Purchase
    • Add Purchase
    • Manage Purchase
  • Accounts
    • Create Accounts
    • Manage Accounts
    • Income
    • Expense
    • Add Tax
    • Manage Tax
    • Accounts Summary
    • Cheque Manager
    • Closing
    • Closing Reports
  • Reports
    • Today Report
    • Sales Reports
    • Purchase Report
    • Sales Report (Medicine Wise)
    • Profit Report
  • Users
    • Add User
    • Manage Users

Final Verdict

Over the long haul, with the assistance of the right system, you will be able to make better business decisions and it gives you an edge in the arena of pharmacy. In fact, by comprising a business model will likewise support in appraising the financial influence of pharmacy management software on your occupation. So, go ahead and choose the expert OpenApps retail pharmacy management software -OpenPharma to get the best results.


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